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Promoting a healthy, cheerful and socially inclusive community for people of all ages.

Welcome to our organization, where we believe in a world where all people have access to services available within their community.


Creating Opportunities for a Better Future

BGNA is a charity organisation operating in the London Borough of Brent and surroundings. Our aim is to promote social inclusion by providing communal activities in the form of wellness programs, cultural programs educational and employment trainings.

  • Wellness for All, Building a Healthier Society.
  • Preserving Culture, Empowering Thriving Individuals.
  • Impactful Support, Fostering Unity and Resilience

Executive Committee

Guiding Vision, Leading Impact: The People Behind the Organisation

Mr Santa Bahadur Gurung


Mr Kanya Prasad Ghale

Vice Chairperson

Mrs Hum Kumari Gurung

Vice Chairperson

Mr Dhankaji Gurung


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© 2023 by BGNA. Registered Charity 1166791